Deep sea fishing with Howard Hill and Errol Flynn 1952

Discount – Special Archery Offer for UNOV – Vienna- UNO-Staff-Members

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DISCOUNT – Special Archery Offer for UNOV / UNODC staff union members:

Learn and train archery in Vienna with archery-expert and author Peter O. Stecher. Archery is a trendy sport around the world. The bow and arrow gives you a focus on your goals, at your target; it trains your hand-eye-coordination and the ability to synchronize your movements.

Work out your individual style with Peter O. Stecher, or follow his simple and professional advice to learn the efficient style and the secrets of famous trick archers like Howard Hill, Ben Pearson, or Byron Ferguson.

CLICK HERE to get free Archery Manual: Basic-Archery-Coaching-Manual

Special Offer for UNOV/UNDOC staff union members: 90 min. indoor, individual coaching, matching archery equipment, target stand fee, and a 2nd client (your friend or partner), is included and free:  € 100, – 

Special Offer for UNOV/UNDOC staff union members: The Shoot Straight-Basic-Coaching-Program: 5 x 90 min…

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