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2008 Peter O. Stecher’s „Legends in Archery – Abenteurer mit Bogen und Pfeil“ was published by Vorderegger Bogensportverlag in German language. 2009 Schiffer Publishing presented the English edition of Peter O. Stechers „Legends in Archery – Adventurers with Bow and Arrow“, a book on archery pioneers, archery history and bowhunting. Peter designed and launched the „LegendStick“ archery equipment brand. Classic style and high quality longbows and leather gear. 2010 Peter O. Stecher edited Byron Fergusons bestseller „Become the Arrow“ in German language. That bestseller was released by Vorderegger Bogensportverlag in 2010. 2011 he was invited by worlds best known archer Byron Ferguson to join the „Master of the Longbow“ for bow hunting at the Mike Goodmans „Goodman Ranch“ at Henderson, Tennessee. At the ATA show in Indianapolis they started a worldwide cooperation in promoting archery. Peter also writes articles for the German edition of Angelika Hörnig’s „Traditionell…

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