About Peter O. Stecher’s Bogensport Magazine:

Peter O. Stecher’s  Magazine: a colorful quiver, full of – to me – important features, like, archery, travelling, wildlife, outdoors, history, and arts and painting, photography, literature, culture and lifestyle.

KURIER-20-08-10 Peter O. Stecher-Bogen-Film-Buch-Legends in Archery
KURIER-20-08-10 Peter O. Stecher-Bogen-Film-Buch-Legends in Archery

Peter O. Stecher was born 1965 in Vienna, Austria. Early he get hooked on hunting, archery and books. Today he’ s a wellknown archery expert, a historian, an outdoor writer, a hunter, a stunt shot, and an avid archery promotor and coach. Peter O. Stecher writes articles for magazines, and designs promotions and marketing texts. In 2008 his book, „Legends in Archery – Adeventurers with Bow and Arrow“ was published by Vorderegger Publishing in German language. 2009 Schiffer Publishing presented the English edition of Peter O. Stechers exceptional book on archery pioneers, archery history and bowhunting. 2010 Peter O. Stecher edited Byron Fergusons bestseller „Become the Arrow“ in German language. Peter also writes articles for the German edition of „Traditionell Bogenschießen“.

peterostecher-legends-in-archery-movie 2010
Peter O. Stecher, mit dem klassischen Howard Hill Style-Langbogen und LegendStick Rückenköcher.


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