Legends in Archery – Adventurers with Bow and Arrow by Peter O. Stecher

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Robin Hood Style Archery ActionThe History of Fashion-PeterOStecher-001 Robin Hood Style Archery Action at “The History of Fashion”, Peter O. Stecher, Jennifer Haberhauer, Valérie Tasso, Dietmar Szarka, 2012.

Like lots of people of my generation, I loved reading “Cowboy and Indian” stories and watching Hollywood adventure movies throughout my childhood and youth. I was smitten with accounts of travelers’ and explorers’ experiences. I was fascinated by Errol Flynn acting as Robin Hood. Lex Barker or Gordon Scott playing Tarzan were OK, too. They were all brave and intelligent, they knew how to experience real adventures, and they all shot a bow and arrow. A free, adventurous life in Sherwood Forest or in the African wilderness would have suited my taste. With elegant and effortless grace, these fellas handled their longbows, generally leading a rather tranquil life between their exciting adventures. I could have imagined being a pirate in the Caribbean, a trapper, or a white hunter, like Clark…

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